How to Beat the High Cost of Living:

The Gulf Coast can be an exercise in thrifty living so here are a few handy hints to help you through the depression.

Broke and hungry? Go outside and shoot some food.

New clothes can be fashioned from leftover skins.

Plant a vegetable garden, compost scraps for fertilizer.

Chickens are nutritious, make swell pets, provide fresh eggs and they eat termites.

Gas prices too high? Get a goat and a cart.

Electricity too expensive? Save ear wax and make candles.

Use animal fat instead of natural gas.

Rid yourself of unwanted items while turning a profit with an endless weekend yard sale.

A block of ice and a child with a fan can dramatically reduce indoor temperatures.

While other parts of the country are plunged into turmoil over real estate and income depreciation, remember on the Gulf Coast you never saw an increase anyway.


  1. Ha. I did the vegetable garden one already, but all we have are several kinds of peppers. Please advise what can be made with that plus the kumquats in the front yard. Thank you.

  2. A dead rat makes an ideal paint roller for your next home make over. Use a mouse for areas that need finer details.

    Buying chain or wire at the hardware store? Cut off the length you need and abandon it else-where in the store. Next day buy it from the reduced bargain bin for half price.

  3. There was an episode of the Simpsons where Homer and Bart cross tomatoes with tobacco and invent Tomacco. Maybe you should cross peppers with kumquats and make Pepperquats and sell em by the roadside. Sounds like opportunity. I’m sure the boyfriend can instruct on how to propagate such a delicious hybrid species.

    My cats bring me dead rats all the time. I usually just roast em on a spit and eat em. I have been painting my bathroom the most lovely shade of butter yellow and ran out of roller covers. Instead of running to the dollar store I could just use a spare rat or maybe one of the cats. Such a handy hint.

  4. Why bother wasting expensive ammo shooting your food when perfectly good road kill is yours for the picking (and scraping.)