Happy Fourth of July:

All you folks today enduring the fourth of July celebrations in freedom and sunshine, enjoy it. If it were not for the patriotic sons fighting for our liberties we would not enjoy it as so. Remember when censoring your neighbors, or pressuring friends to conform, that it’s your right to do so as an American citizen. Get out there and burn some fireworks, books and the American flag because it’s your right to trample others freedom. Piss on their parade and walk on their sunshine.

Have a Happy Fourth of July.

Speaking of walking on sunshine, I know it’s sad and another of my vile rants but I really hate that song “Walking on Sunshine,” by Katrina and the Waves. It’s too happy or something. Really it gets on my nerves. I would have been fine if it had run its course and just gone away to the graveyard of one hit wonders...but nooooo...

The song "Walking on Sunshine" has been used by Telefónica to announce the takeover of BellSouth's Latin America division. It is used during establishing shots in the movies American Psycho and The Secret of My Success. It is also the favorite song of Philip J. Fry, fictional character from the Futurama TV Show. The single was covered by Aly & AJ in 2005. Info courtesy of Wiki...

That song has never ever ever gone away. Come on now Katrina you have made millions from licensing that song to American corporations. Quit it all ready. I demand it as an American. I mean it. I propose a constitutional ban on the song “Walking on Sunshine.” It’s my right as an American citizen. I really hate that song!

Only in America.

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