Film in North Florida:

Who says we aint got culture down here. Why just one quick gander at the weekender section of the newspaper is chock full of artsy things to do, but only on the weekend. This past year alone saw a crowd attending the prestigious Pensacola International Film Festival. There are no plans or updates as of yet that I know of for 2008.

One of the best things about this area of the world is well...the area. Gorgeous beaches, beautiful clear emerald green water, and stunning natural scrub environments. Film production companies looking for new and interesting places to lens their stories are increasingly drawn to Northwest Florida. It’s interesting terrain, extremely inexpensive, and film goers for the most part have never really seen this area before.

"Premiering at the Pensacola Film Festival: "Permanent Vacation." This film was 100% shot in the Pensacola area, starring David Carridine and the biggest stars of the British cinema. Based on the popular novel "What We Did On Our Holidays", the film is a jet black comedy about a British family on holiday in Florida. They encounter a wild menagerie of local characters and, in a typical British fashion, "go native". Directed by W. Scott Peake and crewed by area production professionals, "Permanent Vacation" is a film not to miss."
Info courtesy Pensacola International Film Festival

“Permanent Vacation”

Another added attraction to this area is that so many locations are willing to let you film in their homes or properties, I'm sure for a huge but modest fee. If you are just dying to see what it looks like here in Pensacola and the surrounding areas check out Film North Florida.

A Pseudo-Tudor on the bluff overlooking the bay is but one of the scenes from a walk around my East Hill neighborhood.

A patio perched precariously on the bluff overlooking the Bayou Texar.

The boathouse where I'm sure sinister things have happened.

Art Deco home on the residential section of Pensacola Beach.

Gulf of Mexico view.

People milling about on the Art Deco house's beach.

So come on down, bring your film crews, production companies, over paid actors and film in Northwest Florida...We need your dollars.

Photos courtesy Denise Daughtry and Film North Florida