What the hell has happened to CNN? When did it become acceptable for a newsreader to be editorial and opinionated? Editorials should be reserved for editors, like on the editorial page of the newspaper. Opinions should be reserved for serious programs that examine issues in a professional forum with expert pundits and talking heads that are hired for that specific purpose.

Robin Meade is stunning. She is a lovely woman and a cheerful personality that makes morning news easier to swallow. My problem with Robin’s morning show is that she is too personal. She is constantly breaking the rules by talking directly to the viewer. It’s a little too personal. I feel like Robin is curled up on my sofa with me wearing a bathrobe sipping coffee while she gently relates the latest news all while adding her personal anecdotes. Enough all ready Robin get off my sofa and just read the headlines.

Mike Galonos is an asshole. Since when does a former sports reporter have the credentials to question and scrutinize court decisions on the air? Lately it is his personal gripes about the Christie Brinkley divorce proceedings and his opinions about her soon to be ex-husband Peter Cook. His distaste for him is obvious using statements like, “His behavior is disgusting and he should be put away for life.” Um isn’t that for the courts to decide? I should be able to make my own opinion about such matters and not have some overzealous newsreader cram an opinion down my throat.

I studied journalism in college and the main point that was emphasized is that you are not to interpret the news with opinions and editorials, you are simply to report it. The problems are due to the fact that CNN really isn’t a qualified news source. It’s main purpose in the beginning was to relay major news headlines in a quick digested fashion. CNN has never had serious journalists working for them discovering and exposing true news stories. Now it’s like they just make it all up with a heaping dose of repetitive sensationalism, personal interaction and opinions.


  1. One word: Fox.

    (and now CNN is copying them I think. )

  2. No such thing as journalistic integrity in this country...sad but true.