Work It:

I’ve been traveling for work lately. While driving along Bloody 98, I find that I’m searching the gas station price tags for the lowest available per gallon. A quick scan of the billboards and prices pop out from every direction, “Oh look $3.95...hmmm...$4.10...Wah?..$3.70...that’s a little better.” I hate it but I got to do it.

Pulling into the highway I’m now following a gleaming gold SUV...guess who’s behind the wheel? A blonde with an SUV haircut chatting away on the phone while driving aimlessly in the passing lane.. I immediately hate her.

“Oooh is that a Rolls Royce?” I think that it was. “Who can afford to drive around a big guzzler like that? She probably lives in it. I might be doing the same thing soon. I could save so much money if I just live in my car. Gas would make more sense if it suddenly became my mortgage.

In other news, they die in threes. Yep they die in threes. Three celebrity deaths;

Sidney Pollack
Harvey Korman

Rest in peace fellas, and rest assured you will never have to buy gas again.


  1. Welcome back Ayem8y.

    It that $3.70 a gallon? It's £6 a gallon here, that's nearly $12 for a gallon of petrol, it's outrageous!

    I was stood behind a woman getting served for fuel and she said smugly to the man who was serving her, "The rising cost of fuel doesn't concern me cause I only ever put £10 worth in and have done so for years".

  2. "SUV haircut."

    It's genius how you can say so much with just two words there.

    I have to make an effort to work that one into my daily conversation.