High Noon at the Oasis:

I went to the spa this weekend! Well not actually a spa really...but for the same price as a spa...I visited a themed water park.

Age my skin in the sunshine + chlorinated water = Water Park.

Nice right?

Water Park’O Water Park

thy expensive oasis’
thrive forth among
local highways
revive sore’th drought
stricken bones

Become dead weight on a raft down yonder at the Lazy river, I’m going to have one of these put in my backyard and just float in it all day like a lazy snake.

I swear I can’t remember the last time it rained. Does anyone remember? Cause I don’t remember and I’m sure my plants don’t remember. Brown is the new green you know, so...

Here enjoy these pictures from my excursion.

Picture one is of my personal spa attendant, he had to rescue me at least eleven times from the lazy river and perform mouth to mouth.

Number two is quite possibly the skinniest boy in the world. Note the complete lack of fat and utter Jack Sprat’ness. Me thinks the Mom can eat no lean.


  1. Eewwy! It must be like sleeping with a xylaphone.

    At least those women have the decency to cover up, the topless horrors we see on the beaches here is udderly disgusting.

  2. Yikes.

    That is scary.

    You'd prolly slash open a wound on those collarbones.

  3. Some pretty hair on your spa attendant there.
    Those shorts, however, are quite unfortunate.

  4. Is he shooting the bird at you?

  5. I think so. Only after the fact is it noticeable...and his sharp glare.

  6. For only pennies a day...

    Damn. I'm sorry, but I like my men manly; that just looks like Pinocchio in board shorts.

  7. BTW, I want a pic of you in board shorts.