The Trash of our Lives:

Occasionally while strolling about the grounds of my estate I run across discarded items. Sometimes I find used coffee cups and Cheetos wrappers but today I discovered a pamphlet produced by Sams Club pushing products that are Simple Steps to Saving Green. My first simple step to saving green was to toss it into the trash.

The other item of a noteworthy note-like notation was a secret encoded communication transmission between teenagers randomly discarded. Usually this type of information is burned or eaten by the perpetrator but today it has fallen into the hands of ordinary folks. I find that I’m a little rusty in translating “Teenage” but I think I’ve cracked the code and it seems to have something to do with the song “Wish I never met you” by the artist Trina.

Wish I never met you


  1. Trina must be "ole school" by now for them.

    I suppose it's a classical allusion.

    Anyway, I want to call Zakeria's "loud ghetto ass" now too.
    Too bad there's no number.

  2. I’ow know if I wunna call Zykeria loud ghetto ass, she talk 2 much...I guess...

  3. :sucking teeth: Oh No She Di'nt! Naw see, Now Zykeria n' me's goan hafta cut her.