Secret Confessions:

I have a secret confession. I enjoy writing to my favorite celebrities to tell them how much I enjoy their work. Sometimes they write back and they include a letter with an autograph and sometimes they include an autographed photo.

Such was the case when I discovered a children’s book written by Jessica Harper. I knew her film work but as of that point never knew that she was also an author. I visited her website and dropped her a little note expressing my enthusiasm for her past film work and for her new creative endeavor as a writer.

Imagine my surprise when I went to the mailbox one day to find a letter from Ms. Harper. Enclosed was a letter telling me how nice it was to hear from a fan in Florida. Also inside there was a little bookmark that I use exclusively to keep my place with current readings.

My earliest memory of Jessica Harper was in the 1974 Horror Thriller Musical, "Phantom of the Paradise" directed by Brian De Palma. She plays Phoenix an aspiring singer who catches the attention of Swan played by Paul Williams. He also wrote the musical score and was such and odd celebrity of the time often showing up on The Carol Burnett, and Cher shows. (I’m going to write to him next) This movie left a strong memory that lasts to this day and in an era that included such Rock & Roll conceptual masterpieces such as Rocky Horror and Tommy.

So when I youtubed “Phantom of the Paradise” I was pleased to find my favorite song from the movie sung by Jessica Harper entitled “Old Souls.” The listing is immediately followed by a performance from Jessica at the “Phantompalooza” singing once again “Old Souls.” The girl has still got it! Thanks once again for entertaining me Jessica Harper.


  1. How cool!
    I remember that movie!
    If only vaguely.

    Is he (Paul Williams) still alive?

  2. Oh yeah he's a recovering addiction survivor. He was most recently in Georgia Rule.

  3. I think he is the one introducing Jessica Harper on stage at the Phantompalooza peformance.

  4. I use to enjoy writing to celebrities too, the best ones to write to are those that are "Resting" because they're the one with time on their hands and write back to you in pen. Mollie Sugden was one, she wrote back to me thanking me for a plastic carrier bag I'd sent her, from a department store in Sydney called "Grace Bros" but if she had looked inside it, she would have seen a bookmark with a "Pussy" picture on it. I bet she just used the bag to line her peddle bin with. I've had a mention on the telly a few times too! A "z"elebrity florist on daytime television thanking me for the horrible gaudy ring I'd sent him, he was wearing it on his little finger! but what made me blush was knowing that he must have read the covering letter that went with it, telling him where he could stick his Tuber-Roses etc, it was pure filth! Beverley Callard from a Soap opera here thinks she's got a lesbian admirer called "Sandy". I have two albums full of signed photos and letters. It's such fun!

  5. Mollie Sugden!
    Grace Bros!
    In awe.

  6. There's an entry for a movie with the same title in IMDB but scheduled for 2010.

    I wonder if they are making a remake.