Ever have an off day? Nothing you do turns out right and you feel like Eeyore who says, “Why bother it’ll all turn out bad anyway.”

That was today for me and to make it worse the whole show was filled with Polly Perfect doing circles around my tired ass.

“What’s wrong with you today?” Polly asked and then capped it off with, “Are you RETARDED?”

Fuck Off Polly!

Maybe I have a life filled with mystery and strangers that keep me up till all hours of the evening. I’m sure you wouldn’t understand, you the one who is actually retarded with an IQ of 75 who enjoys color coding her closet. Actually enjoys it!

Maybe I thrive on drama...drama of all sorts of sordid salacious scandal...I can’t get enough of it really. Sorry Polly even when I don’t say a word I’m far more interesting. Lets face it Polly even 20 years your senior I still look better than you and Polly for don’t look so good.

No you're Retarded. No you are. No you're Retarded. No you are.


  1. You rock! Polly is definitely retarded,

  2. A window licker if ever I saw one!

  3. [Sheepishly] I color code my closet as well.

  4. Dawn Davenport is my favorite role model! And I have no idea if this has anything to do with your post, but I am not retarded!