I went with a neighbor the other day to a little concert that took place overlooking the bay. Wasn’t bad, wasn’t good neither but it did have a segment involving the spoken word and more precisely a poetic spoken rap. Families and children were treated to a rap session regarding AIDS awareness that featured great snippets like,

“and for y’all who like tattoo’n...better watch what yer doin”

and of course the little rhyming diddy that got everyone into a whispering frenzy,

“You could be nex if you are having unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex”

For me I thought okay, not bad, it was meant to be informational and maybe testimonial for all I know, but oh the mommies were not having any of it. The thought of having to explain the words, vaginal, anal, and oral sex to three year olds didn’t go away easily and not without a protest, a request actually, To Never Let That Happen Again!

Lighten up ladies I’m sure it was somewhat offensive at first but let the concept soak into your brains. The little Joey’s and little Chrissy’s all around the USA will be having sex soon enough. Why not avoid the “Birds & Bee’s" conversation all together and let teachers, television, music, videos, and live public outings educate your children about the dangers of sex.

Just give in...their gonna find out on the playground anyway.

Exhibit A...The Alleged Distasteful Performance:

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