I’m sick of American Idol, I like the idols but I’m not wowed by them. I could care less who wins and in fact I don’t even watch the show and I’m never going to buy an album by one of the idols. I listen to them in the background occasionally, most often I cringe. No originality, No chops, No dues having been payed. I still like the contest and it’s all about the contest, but after that I could care less about the winner. Oh and by the way I’ve seen the’s one of the contestants.

I’m sick of the American Presidential Race. I like to be involved in my Presidential election but I’m not wowed by the contenders. At this point I could care less about who wins and I don’t watch the primary results. I’m never going to be interested in the winner. Sure it will be our new President, but I don’t really care. I’ll be glad to be rid of G.W. but right now I don’t care who wins because it’ll be a change. Oh and by the way I’ve seen the’s one of the contenders.

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  1. A contestant gets voted off and the rest of the competitors get upset and offer their condolences and in some extreme cases they form a group hug and blubber. What's that all about? If I was one of those contestant I'd be please if someone other than myself got voted out, not bawl my eyes out. I'll probably say something like "See ya! wouldn't wanna be ya!" and do a little dance around them.