Tattoos Are Bad...MMMKAY:

I’m not against tattoos, I love them on other people but just not on me. Maybe one day when the craze is over but I think they are just another way for the Feds and the Pigs to identify you. If you get one just remember not to become a thief or a murderer, because your tattoo will become just as famous as your thieving murderous face.


  1. I had a tattoo done in a moment of madness when I was 16, it cost just £15 I bitterly regretted it soon afterwards. Now, thank heavens for the ruby laser, after several sessions of the ruby (which was more painful than being tattooed) and £900 later, my tattoo just looks like a faint bruise. The black of the tattoo has gone completely, however I'm left with 2 green eyes which had hadly no effect on the ruby at all.

  2. My name in Arabic is tattoo'd on my right forearm.

    Just in case I get lost in the Middle East and can't remember my name.