Roller Rama Drama:

Feeling nostalgic about my roller disco days I went searching for it on the inter-web. Many, many years ago when disco was a lifestyle, I was a little too young to have participated. I know it’s sad but luckily disco permeated the stratum of cultural atmosphere and created a mini micro disco universe known as the Roller Rink. To me it was Studio 54 except that it had less celebrities and drugs. Everything else was exactly the same at least according to what I saw and read in People magazine. The spandex clad cliques rotating and trucking in syncopation underneath the mirrored disco makes me weepy just thinking about it. Anyway, In searching I discovered so many other people share this fascination of adolescence and coming of age in a roller rink. One particular site is dedicated to the now deceased “Motor City Roller Rink” which is a virtual treasure trove, a cornucopia if you will even of campy retro Roller Rink remembrances.

Motor City Roller Rink


  1. I wonder if they are schooled in special roller rink hand acting classes? They all seem to share the same poised gestures.

  2. On photograph 4 it looks like ectoplasm. I loved skating when I was a youngster. It became popular here in the 80's I still can't listen to Nena's 99 Red Balloons without been transported back to those carefree days of Marina Disco Skating Rink and breaking my ankle going up on the ramp. I thought I was so "It" too in those new inline skates. Thanks for the memories.

  3. The sixth one down is a picture taken in the same room in the same spot and it too curiously features ectoplasm...hmmm...I’m beginning to understand why the Motor City Roller Rink was torn down.