Mommy's Little Helper:

This kitchen is miraculously clean, So where is Mom? While busy washing, ironing, and cleaning you would think Mom had no time left to cook for her family.

So true, but today’s hardworking modern housewife has a secret weapon.

She has a Magic Kitchen®

Yes Moms everywhere save time with Magic Kitchen®. Even Shirley Temple has more time to enjoy her Mom, right after taking a magic pill, smoking a magic cigarette, and eating her magic breakfast.

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  1. Good lord,
    dancing decapitated chicken corpses, exploding salads, ejaculatiung milk bottles?
    I'm going to have those nightmares again.

  2. that chicken looks like some kind of headless crab monster. i'm scared.

  3. Poltergeist activity caught on film, WOW every home should have one.

  4. Where is mom? Curled up in the cabinet under the sink, sobbing quietly.