Living Large In Lazy Town:

I’m so lazy. I don’t have the energy to exercise or the motivation to slim down and fit into my swimsuit. I think I’ll just buy a new a plus size. I’m so lazy that I prefer to watch shows about exercise, rather than actually exercising, and let them do all of the work. The shows need to have someone worth Sportacus...The Mayor of Lazy Town...MMM...Sportacus.

My personal favorite would be the resident villain, Robbie Rotten:

Here he is singing a song just for me: You Are A Pirate:

Gosh that was too much work. I think I’d rather pull out my Miss Piggy’s Workout Album, Areobique and do lazy exercises like lifting the glass to your mouth instead of bending down to sip from the straw. Or twiddling the knobs on the stereau for a good finger workout.

Listen to Miss Piggy's Stereau Exercises:

That’s enough of that...I have a better finger workout routine in mind. Oh why bother, I'm to lazy...


  1. Too lazy for the better finger workout routine? I doubt it!

  2. is it wrong that I find Sportacus kind of hot?
    (and used to watch ?)

    Anyway, nothing is as hot as Miss P.

  3. Sportacus always perks me up to enjoy a five finger workout:)

  4. Oh, that top picture is so very wrong. But then, I guess they all are...

  5. that top pic makes me crave a rim job...