Ice Ice Baby:

Tonight was a Disney dream come true. High School Musical I & II On Ice that’s right ON ICE. I’m not sure if it was because they skated the entire production on ICE or because the entire production was skating while loaded on ICE. I'm still unclear on that...unclear like being loaded on ICE.

Either way it was sheer heaven, an auditorium filled with 12 year old girls screaming at the top of their lungs for the make shift Troy Bolten or booing the fabulous Shar’pay. Hmmm...when the audience booed Shar’pay I found myself cheering...why?...why? You ask?...because she’s Fabulous!

...Ice tea imported from England, Lifeguards imported from Spain, Towels imported from Turkey, Turkey imported from just doesn’t get any more fabulous than that...wait is this thing still turned on?...turn it off...for Christ's sake, turn the damn thing off already...



  1. If I rent this from Netflix will I become addicted and obsessed? It seems I might...

  2. I’m afraid that upon viewing High School Musical’s I & II your brain will be good and properly washed in only the way that Disney can do. Relax and let the washing, wash over you, it’s painless won’t feel a thing. Even though your mind tells you that what you are watching is complete drivel your washing will counteract this by replacing bad thoughts with new ingrained purchasing impulses. You should now be programed to buy things like $20.00 programs, not just any program but the commemorative singing and interactive HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL PROGRAM.