Bulimia Barbie:

Bulimia Barbie™ is rail thin and painfully chic with racoon eye shadow, hollow cheeks, and realistic withered hands and gnarled knees. Now with dynamic Binge & Purge action.

*Includes wigs, hair extensions, designer knock-off fashion, accessories, and reusable vomit/handbags.

The newest in impossible to achieve beauty ideals from Mattel®


  1. Poor Barbie, her non eating has made her prone to heart failure, impaired kidney functions, osteoporosis and various cancers. However, the good news is by the time the surgeons removes all her kidney stones, given her a hysterectomy and removes her decaying flesh she'll weigh next to nothing.

  2. god, she's so pretty. i wish i were that thin. i guess i've got to live off of bottled water and tic tacs for the rest of the year.