In Central Eastern Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean, tiki is a name given to large carvings of humanoid form. These carvings often serve to mark the boundaries of sacred or significant sites. The word appears as tiki in New Zealand Māaori, Cook Islands Māaori, Tuamotuan, and Marquesan; as ti'i in Tahitian, and as ki'i in Hawaiian. The word has not been recorded from the languages of Western Polynesia or of Rapanui (Easter Island). In Māaori mythology, Tiki is the first man.


The best part, a tiki hut to house them all in and it's on sale!

Tiki Bar TV

Tiki's 4 You

Tiki Mania

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  1. I had a very strong sense of deja vu whilst I was browsing those photos, I wonder if I was a mouri in a former life, I must get regressed and find out.