Fashion Victim:

The celebrity designers catering to the super superficial label conscious baby boom-let generation are destroying the American marketplace. These fashion zombie copy cats are so celebrity dumbstruck that they actually think that by slipping on a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes or squirting on the essence of Jennifer Lopez can actually bring them closer to their own fame. The irony is that just a few years from now the photo’s from this period of celebrity designed schlock will probably be the most embarrassing in anyone’s photo album relegated to the back page of shame. It’s to be expected that celebrities wishing to cash in on their new found idolatry will instantaneously produce an ill conceived line of clothing. Poor design slaves actually envision the garments that are then mass produced overseas with a celebrity logo or label embroidered or tacked on. The ever increasing roaster of fame whores without an ounce of art or design education include:

Jennifer Lopez, Mila Jovovich, Vicky Beckham, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake, Sean John, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton, Daisy Fuentes, Lance Armstrong, Prince, Amanda Bynes, Scartlett Johanssen, Shaquille O'Neil, Queen Latifah, Kate Moss, Paula Abdul, Carson Kressely, Kylie Minogue, Katherine Heigl, Gisele Bunchen.

The design drought of the 2000's, when will this horrible period ever end? The end is near and it’s only fitting that the hippie generation with it’s anti-corporation and anti- commercialism ideals would produce such iconoclastic progeny consumed with all things celebrity and label. Generational ideas as with fashion come and go in cycles. The baby boom-let generation is reproducing at an alarming rate and mother’s are younger today than have been seen in nearly a century. Lets hope that their children reject the mores of their parents and embrace a wave of Anti-Everything. Stop buying these products, they’re offensive to the human sense of aesthetics. Oh and one more thing I really hate those ugly ass handbags that everyone has to have.

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  1. All too true.

    Who in heaven's name would want to dress like any of these people?