You Say Addiction and I Say Affliction:

In an effort to be more aware of my bad habits I have decided that sipping a Coca~Cola all day long is a decidedly bad habit. I just love the surge of sugar coursing through my system injected on a steady schedule. I freely admit to having my first drink before noon and then a refresher shortly there after. Lunch? “I’ll have a Coke with that.” Then it’s time for the afternoon Coke and smoke break. For evening I sometimes enjoy a glass of wine if it’s appropriate but of course I’ll need a Coke nightcap before I officially retire for the evening. People say, “How can you possibly sleep?” Quite soundly as a matter of fact. Caffeine is the culprit. It’s every bit as evil as heroin or nicotine and yes, I am an addict. I venture to say that I have consumed more of the swill lately than I have actual water. It's beginning to take a toll on my waistline, for which I have radically halted my intake immediately. GREEN TEA! Such a simple substitution.


  1. I only ever drink sugar-free drinks, including diet coke as I just adore the taste of aspartame, saccharin E383 E330 but my personel favorite is sodium benzoate, it just hits that spot like no other. I know this might sound vile but adding a pinch of instant coffee powder or a shot of the other to a diet coke it brings out the cola flavour, try it, it's delicious!

  2. Mitzi you temptress! After three days of very low consumption of Coke combined with your delicious ingredient suggestions just might make me go on a bender. Running berserk through the streets sipping remains from old cola bottles left in the trash. Did I mention my Aunt Bess’s husband worked for the bottling plant where I grew up and she would have cases of the stuff in her pantry waiting for the little children? I’m doomed...Green Tea...Green Tea...Green Tea...

  3. If I have any caffeine after Noon, I'll be up all night.