The Queen:

Poor poor Beyoncé. I’m not her biggest fan and admit that I cringed when she took the stage with Tina Turner, but she done pissed off ole Aretha Franklin. It’s a good thing she’s pretty and can shake her ass cause the girl can’t hold a squeaky note to save her life. Well I take that back, she’ll probably be holding some squeaky shrill high pitched notes when Aretha tracks her down and sits on her. For those who haven’t heard or missed the Grammy Awards, Beyoncé introduced Tina Turner as “The Queen.” Apparently Aretha, “The Queen” was not amused. Now it’s off with Beyoncé’s head. Tina Turner is considered the “The Queen of Rock and Roll, or is she “The Acid Queen” I never can remember. Aretha is “The Queen of Soul” or after this statement combined with the death of Leona Helmsley, she is now officially “The Queen of Mean.” A good friend that is a concert going machine reports that of all the many artists that he has seen in concert, Aretha was probably the worst. So I still love Aretha and even more so now that she has taken a swipe at Beyoncé. Maybe it's time for a new royal address, “The Queen of Soul...Food.”