The Amy Adams Academy Awards Show:

The movie “Enchanted” was one of the funniest movies that I saw this year and one of the only movies that I saw this year. For the 80th Academy Awards show Amy Adams was all over the place, oh and um who is she? She was the princess in Enchanted. Oh yeah...Okay. First she strolled the red carpet and was interviewed by every one of the carpet stalkers asking her that ultimate question, “What are you wearing?” Seriously she was all over the place on every channel that I flipped to standing there looking beautiful with red hair wearing an emerald green gown. Who designed it? Proenza Schouler. Who? Exactly. Brave little Amy took to the stage and sang the nominated “Happy Working Song” all by her lonesome without the help of any magical creatures or backup dancers. She was then followed by the worlds best theater singer in the world the world famous Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth singing another of the “Enchanted” nominated songs “That's How You Know." She then danced as set decoration for another of the nominated songs from that movie, “So Close.” Three of the five nominated songs were from this movie. Not one of them won. The Academy is cruel! Next up she was the presenter for the Oscar for Original Score to add insult which did not include the movie “Enchanted.” For someone who wasn’t even nominated the Academy sure put her to work for ‘em. I guess the Academy says that although we won’t nominate you for your work we will let you entertain us, now get up there and sing princess.


  1. Amy Adams deserved AT LEAST an Academy Award nomination for her work in ENCHANTED. She was genius in that movie.

  2. I agree Stephen I thought she was brilliant. She was also a trooper taking the Oscar opportunity and running with it she got so much exposure.

  3. I am freaking running around in circles that you don't know who Proenza Schouler is. They're amazing. Truly role models for any young fashion student- their thesis collection for Parson's NY was purchased by Barney's New York- all at the age of 21. They are also both FREAKING gorgeous.

    That's all.