Yummy Montgomery:

Robert Montgomery has always been my black and white classic movie husband. He lured me in with his yummy grin years ago when he and Carole Lombard starred together in the Alfred Hitchcock original "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". For those who don't know it he was Hollywood royalty and his princess was none other than Elizabeth Montgomery the famous witch.

One of my former husbands owns a popular fine dining restaurant here in Pensacola. Imagine my surprise when the spitting image of my movie star husband walked in to apply for a position. Robert Montgomery apparently had a son, Robert Montgomery Jr. and this handsome man that stood before me was his son, Elizabeth’s nephew, Scooter Montgomery. He was a hippie who drove around in a V.W. wagon and surfed as often as he could. Needless to say he got the job and I was privileged to gaze upon his lovely visage for as long as I wanted.

By the way Robert Montgomery preferred Lucky Strikes, they’re better because they’re toasted...

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  1. Robert Montgomery was a handsome man indeed!

  2. Great movie husband!

    Mine is William Powell. Because I love his wit, his style and the way he puts away the booze.

    Also, because I really want to be Myrna Loy.