Two For One Show:

Emergency the TV show was not my favorite show but I did tune in frequently for the crush I had on Firefighter John Gage or as he is known in person, Randolph Mantooth. Mmm...yeah....Mantooth! He just had "IT" for me. I imagined myself being Mr. and Mr. Mantooth, that has a nice ring to it huh, before that I was going to be Mr. and Mr. Robbie Benson, but that's entirely another post. Anyway I thought that I would check up on my former TV husband and boy oh boy has Mr. Mantooth held up well, I mean I'd still fuck him. Maybe I could set a little blaze and have ole Randy rescue me some time. Damn he looks good for 62. He's still active in the entertainment realm as the Executive Producer of The Amazing Race. I got a thing for handsome vintage men and he fits the bill nicely.

The other perk of watching Emergency was the occasional appearance of Julie London as nurse Dixie McCall, R.N. Even in middle age she was a bombshell sexpot nurse. I remember thumbing through my dad's LP's and listening to her album, About the Blues, which featured songs that had the word blues in the tittles. Good stuff.

I also remember her little appearance in the Jayne Mansfield movie, The Girl Can't Help It, where she was the ex-girlfriend of the character played by Tom Ewell and she taunted him with her hit song Cry Me A River.

She was such a great songstress with that sultry smoky jazz voice. She was married to Jack Webb, now that's an odd pair, who created and produced the TV show Emergency through his company Mark VII Productions. This iconic logo featured two hands hammering the logo Mark VII into a sheet of metal. It was later revealed that the pair of hands actually belonged to Web himself.

Enjoy Julies song "Cry Me a River"


  1. Randolph Mantooth was my first crush ever. I actually did a little John Gage post a while back. handsome!

  2. I vividly remember being all bothered by Emergency, but only now see that Mr. Mantooth looks mighty much like he'd make a great porn star.

    And you're right, he does still look good, sort of like what Alec Baldwin should have turned into instead of pancetta.

  3. My first TV crushes were Tom Wopat in 'Dukes of Hazzard' and Max Gail [the Polish cop] on 'Barney Miller'.