What is it about the Thanksgiving holiday that fashions such enduring and lasting impressions, is it the enormous turkey feast and the elaborate spread on the table? Could it be the gathering of friends and family and the after dinner reminiscing? Let's look a little closer at this tradition and the intimate details that create such happy memories...and just exactly what makes a Thanksgiving holiday so special?

Is it Momma with her cheerful disposition?

Is it Papa at the keyboard entertaining the crowd?

Is it Carol who can sing like a bird?

Is it Uncle Carl who is constantly cracking jokes?

Is it Grandpa and Grandma who are always eager to join in on a sing along?

Nope, it's BEER!


  1. Gin makes me sing like a canary.

  2. That's funny I plan on drinking nothing but Gin for Thanksgiving Day and then get belligerent with my family and smash up the joint.

  3. In order to handle our families and such during Turkey Day, me and my buddies would host 'Drinksgiving' on the Weds. night before Turkey Day, so that we could be hungover to avoid the family most of the next day, eat a nice big meal late that night, and then catch the movies or hit the clubs.


  4. Sometimes, beer can make all the difference!