I like to call this particular verbal disease, Emphatic Stutter. Last night I was watching my local news and a certain city councilman, Marty Donovan, who is not well liked, was being interviewed. The discussion concerned a nasty red clay that was seeping into a million dollar Green Shores project. It seems the clay is a byproduct of interstate rebuilding and was being pumped directly into the Pensacola Bay. The bay itself suffers from over fishing, red tide, and numerous other ailments. Mr. Donovan proceeded to exhibit signs of Emphatic Stutter and while being interviewed he said, "This red clay perdicament is really, really, really bad and it is very, very, very dangerous". Okay, if something is said to be dangerous, I'm going to stay away, but does it make it more dangerous by adding "very" into the warning? If something is bad, well then it’s bad. Then really bad must be worse, and really, really bad must be despicable, so thusly, really, really, really, bad of course is monstrous. How many "very’s" and “really’s” does it take to get through to today's feeble and vocabulary challenged public?

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