Born Today: November 12, 1943 - Wallace Shawn

Wallace Shawn was born in New York City, November 12, 1943, where he continues to reside as of 2007. He is the son of William Shawn, longtime editor of The New Yorker, and journalist Cecille Lyon Shawn; his brother Allen is a composer. Shawn attended The Putney School, a private liberal arts high school in Putney, Vermont, and graduated with a B.A. in history from Harvard University. He studied economics and philosophy at Oxford, originally intending to become a diplomat; he also traveled to India as an English teacher. Since 1979, he has primarily made a living as an actor. Read all about Wallace Shawn...



  1. He'll always be Mr. Hall from 'Clueless' to me.

  2. AWE, Old people are so cute...