Basia V/S Lisa Stansfield:

I totally enjoy easy listening music especially the late eighties and early nineties smooth jazz sounds of Basia and Lisa Stansfield.. Many late nights were spent in college working on projects while contemporary adult sounds wafted overhead from the Black Entertainment Television station. BET was so sophisticated and inclusive in those days offering the black sounds of white girls. Imagine the surprise of R&B disc Jockeys who after playing these artists finally see their pictures for the first time only to find out that they were white, Honorary Sisters.

Basia: Promises

Lisa Stansfield: Been around the world


  1. remember Matt Bianco?
    (the pre-Basia Basia)

    Basia could get to grating at times, but I love me some Lisa.

  2. I've just been watching Lisa on Youtube on the Mrs Merton show. Mrs Merton asks her where she's now living and Lisa replies Dublin.

    Mrs Merton:
    Dublin is lovely
    It's less noisy
    less commotion
    less *Pauses* taxes!