Secondhand Book Club:

Secondhand Book Club:
Book reports of secondhand books reported in a secondgrade fashion

Secondhand Book Title:
Blackening the skies,
putting up fences

Lynn Cheney has written yet another book and of course as we all know she has so much to say about being a good and responsible American. This book is chockfull of patriotic ponderings and self righteous right wing ruminations and issues such as silencing sexually suggestive songs. She’s a “Lady” who I can’t ever imagine going to the bathroom, smoking a spliff, spanking Dickie, or getting soused and shooting up the shanty. Besides I’m sure her mother the deputy sheriff would never approve of such scabrous solicitude. Feast your senses while perusing the chapter titles of the memoirs and stupendous secrets from a sage and suspiciously shadowy “Second Lady.”


  1. Cheerleading, an early indoctrination in imperious, pushy and overpowering practices.
  2. Forcing others to conform to your ideals, and other joys of despotic domineering.
  3. How to develop a keen sense of prudish, restrictive, and controlling behaviors.
  4. Dating a dud and making him into something, or how I became Mrs. Dick Cheney.
  5. Censorship, deleting publications and banning theatrical performances, can be fun.
  6. Imposing influence and making profit, my life on the board of directors for Lockheed.
  7. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” the oppression, repression, and suppression of the homosexual child.
  8. Salacious secrets for surviving the shame of a “Shooting Party” scandal.

(Veracity of this book report is highly unlikely and any similarities to any actual book are purely happenstance. Apologies in advance for those who may find this distasteful and or offensive, it could easily have been a book about you.)

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