Ever found yourself stuck in some verbal catch-phrase loop? I myself have found this to be happening at this very moment. The phrase in question, "Pretty Much". It's an all purpose answer for all things obvious.

Gee David is that what you think? "Pretty Much"

Oh isn't the weather horrible today? "Pretty Much"

Do you think he has latent homosexual tendencies? “Pretty Much”

I seem to have caught this verbal virus from an acquaintance that suffers from among other things, a poorly developed country vocabulary. I only recently noticed this odd colloquial repetitive tick when in the course of conversation I seemed to have infected those around me. Soon the discourse degenerated into odd catch phrases that seemed to be perked up by the inclusion and by my introduction of the new phrase, “Pretty Much”. When we all began to answer one another’s questions with, “Pretty Much” a lightening bolt struck my skull and I immediately headed for the drug cabinet and washed my mouth out with peroxide. It pretty much has subsided pretty much, but pretty much is still pretty much with me!


  1. I've noticed myself saying 'no worries' all of a sudden.