Patrick's Photographs:

My best friend Patrick Graham divorced his hateful single mother, took her to court for a competency hearing, emancipated himself at the age of fifteen, and moved in with his maternal grandmother. One day he had been rooting through the attic and found his mother’s wedding dress, ran over to my house, ripped open the sealed box, put the dress on and we took glamour pictures of him wearing it! The above photo is a picture that I snapped of Patrick wearing his mother's wedding dress. Sadly Patrick passed away in 2005 but not before he appointed me the executor of his will and entrusted me with his valuable possessions, photographs and antiques. Patrick was a junk dealer who traveled all over the USA setting up at various flea markets selling his wares. He had the most interesting life and stories and was an avid photographer, which is well documented, these are but some of Patrick’s Photographs.


  1. Just from this one picture, I'm so sorry never to have known him. Rats.

  2. I look forward to seeing more.