Kooky Spooks were store bought costumes with a big blow up thing that went on your head. I was a little old for them but my brother had to have one.

The early 80's had some cool Halloween stuff for kids but my favorites were the cheap polyester costumes from the 70's, like Mork or Kiss and the Steve Austin with the bionic eye stands out in particular.

Things have drastically changed since I was a kid, back then all you had to worry about was the urban legend of a razor blade embedded in an apple. An apple? You have got to be kidding me, the only people who gave out apples were the old ladies and they usually got tossed immediately. Razor blades? Do people still use them anymore?

Today's politically correct and safety minded mommies don’t even let their kids go out trick or treating after dark, it’s usually at some supervised thing with specialized safety treat stations like at a mall. Even then the kids have to have pads, reflective safety tape and pepper spray and forget eating the candy, mommies today wouldn’t dream of letting there over protected and sheltered kiddy’s get all sugared up. If they do get to have a few pieces it’s after going to the Emergency room for an X-ray to make sure it’s safe for consumption.

I would hate being a kid in these awful times. I remember my Mother dropping the tail gate on the Vista Cruiser station wagon and hauling us all around the neighborhoods filling bag after bag with sweet sugary shit! Then she would just let us go in the parking lot of an apartment complex to make sure we got even more, with just a cautionary warning, “Don’t talk to strangers” and “Be home before midnight”. Then we would drag home suffering from a sugar coma and toss the bags of candy into the closet and snack on it for months to come.


  1. lol i remember the cooky spooks...but i was too young for them ;-P

  2. I had that Steve Austin costume. That mask was my favorite!

  3. The street I grew up on had been full of kids a little older than me, but some weird demographic thing meant that the girl two houses down and I were the only ones trick or treating by the time I was about 6. Our neighbors woudl shower the goods on us just from lack of competition.

    I'm glad I'm not a kid now, too. The excessive structure seems oppressive.

  4. OMG.

    I had that Mork costume!

    Yah, I would hate to be a kid today.