Dirty DeAnna:

DeAnna was a crazy friend that was also a co-worker who lived in her mother‘s greenhouse. She would have "panic attacks" and generally flip out, suffering from paranoia and severe hallucinations. Needless to say she’d carry around enough medications to kill an army but sometimes she would over-medicate which was bad for her but fun for those around her. It was during these moments that she would begin to reminisce about her former lives. She was once the girlfriend of a big butch lesbian mobster named “Frankie” who owned the biggest and best show bar in Indiana. According to DeAnna, when she left Frankie she was constantly in fear for her life as she said, “Frankie wants me dead!” Anyway, DeAnna met up with some magician and they worked up an act that traveled around and this was her means of escape. She was his lovely assistant and one time they got a booking for a show in Las Vegas, but instead of returning to Indiana she stayed in Vegas. This photo is of DeAnna and her “Cat” wearing an outfit of her own creation, she was also a seamstress, sporting a terrifically teased up hair do with a spotlight all of its own.


  1. There she is!! That bitch owes me money!!!She snorted all my coke -chewed up my pills like "pez"and ran off with my boyfriend!!NEVER trust family!!!(lol)

  2. Hot!

    And a "butch lesbian mobster"???
    That would make for some genius television, wouldn't it?

  3. That cat does not look happy. One can hardly blame him.