Where's Madeline?

Now the parent’s of Madeline McCann are suspects in the case of their missing daughter. That would be sad if they killed her then asked for the Pope’s blessing in their search for a daughter that they themselves murdered. It just gets stranger. Portuguese police find Madeline McCann’s blood in a car rented by Madeline’s parents weeks after reporting her missing.

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  1. I sympathise with their plight, but I can't help thinking "Lack of parental responsibility" I know it's been said a thousand times over and I agree with the majority, you don't leave a then three year old child unattended whilst you go out for dinner, can you imagine if they were the common type and from a run down council estate they'd be ripped apart! I think they should be charged with neglect at least. They made they decision and now they are paying for it. When I go away on holiday and leave the hotel for the evening the first thing I do is to make sure my valubles are locked up in the safe and not left lying around for the maid to pick up, they can't really think much of her to just leave her like that, the bitch.

    It's hard to read the McCann woman's face but she does have a set jaw with a slight equestrian overbite which suggests lack of intelligence and that she's from poor breeding stock. In recent photographs of her she's seen with immaculate coiffed hair and make-up and carefully chosen accessories etc she looks more like a fashion model than a victim of a child snatch!