Evidence of Change:

For the last few years I've found myself living in an alternate universe, "At what point in time exactly did my timeline skew into alternate reality?" I suppose it was the devastating dissolution of an unhappy relationship of 4 years and a few weeks later the attack on 9/11/01. I felt free to be myself for the first time in years only to realize that the world was in a dire cosmic funk, taking me along for the ride. The tyrannically oppressive regime of a president pandering to a constituency of over heated bible thumping zealots only served to dampen the atmosphere. Looking for a small trace of something new, some alteration of the world consciousness, living everyday over and over dying to wake up from a coma inducing universal ennui. “There has got to be more out there, the media is conspiring to keep us all in the dark.” I mindlessly go about the day with a nagging suspicion that something great is taking place somewhere else and I’m not invited to the party. What? Where? How is it that my little world has sunk into the mundane? A constant battle is being waged covertly to assimilate my person and opinions into mainstream conformity and I’m not giving in to a society that suffers from low self esteem stemming from a wretched value system. “Give it up folks I aint giving in to substandard reasoning for beliefs that I know aren’t in my best interests.” So I wait for things to change, and one day soon they will. I feel a wave of change moving lately, not much but little things, the slump is lifting and people are poking their heads out to test the waters for a reception.

Little things, bright welcome changes to the withering state of our culture and entertainment.

Nerina Pallot

Tara Busch

Paolo Nutini

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  1. I know what you mean about those overbearing religious freaks! We get those bible bashers here too, imposing their momon/moran? Jehovah fucking witnesses ways on us, I like to goad them if I'm in the mood, by dusting my knick-knacks on the window ledge, in full view of them, whilst wearing last nights make-up. But they are so annoying especially when I've been out the night before, only to be rudely woken up at 9am on a Saturday morning by these idiots asking "Have you seen the light" etc! How dare they! Haven't they got anything better to do with their lives? They now know better then to knock at my door, since the time I chucked a bucket of water down at them from the bedroom window and told them all to fuckoff! bloody religious maniacs with they busy body, meddling, homophobic ways.

    There, I feel better now I've had my penny's worth!