Once long, long, long ago Sonny and Cher made a movie titled "Chastity" when Cher was young and before she had a nose job, and had her teeth fixed. To this day I don’t think she’s had a lot of plastic work done, but hey I believe O.J. is innocent too. She looks good in this movie and she really had the body for the hip hugger jeans, unlike today’s muffin top chicks. Isn’t it sad that the overfed populace of today’s little princesses would adopt a style of jean that only looks good on CHER! I found the soundtrack for this movie and it’s really groovy so I made a few songs available to all that want to hear it, just some instrumental stuff but worth a listen. By the way Cher got pregnant while making this flick and guess what her inspiration was for the baby name?

On a personal note: My childhood friend Travis Meadows lived with his grandparents who owned the lucrative concessions business at the Jackson, Mississippi Coliseum, an arena or venue for sports games and musical concerts. They owned lots of rental property around town, one such house backed up to our neighborhood and it had a large field with livestock and horses, right in the middle of suburbia. The Hughes family rented this place while their house was under construction in our neighborhood. The glamorous Hughes sisters were well known in the baby sitting trade. During the height of The Sonny and Cher Show, the duo went on tour and came to our town, and through the Meadows family, the Hughes sisters obtained the gig of baby sitting Chastity Bono while the couple were on stage. Way cool and I actually met the little pudgy tyke. My one degree of Cher.

Incidental music from the motel scene.

Incidental music from the second motel scene.

Scene from "Chastity"


  1. No kidding?!
    I got to meet Chastity Bono too chubby dyke however. This was in the mid 90s

    I remember how adorable she was as a baby on the show.

  2. I have this album! Not a record one listens to very often. :)