TV Guide: Julia

"Julia was a 1960s television series, best remembered as being the first weekly series to depict an African American woman in a non-stereotypical role. Previous television series featured African American lead characters, but the characters were usually servants. The show starred actress and singer Diahann Carroll, and ran for 86 episodes on NBC from September 17, 1968 to March 23, 1971. In Julia, Carroll played widowed single mother Julia Baker (her fighter pilot husband had been shot down in Vietnam) who was a nurse in a doctor's office. The doctor, Morton Chegley, was played by Lloyd Nolan, and Julia's romantic interests by Paul Winfield and Fred Williamson. Though Julia is now remembered as being groundbreaking, while on the air, it was derided by a significant segment of the African American community as not being "political" or "angry" enough, due largely to its status as a standard, lighthearted sitcom. Carroll won the 1968 Golden Globe for Best Actress in a television series for her role in Julia."

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