Olympe Bradna:

"Named, they said, after the Olympia Theater in Paris, where her parents performed with a dog act, brunette Olympe Bradna later left the family troupe to become an acrobatic dancer with the Folies-Bergere. She was starring at New York's French Casino when discovered by Paramount, who signed her to a contract in 1936 and lavished a hectic advertising campaign that encouraged moviegoers to pronounce her difficult first name as "O-Lamp." Unfortunately, the powers-that-be forgot to give her anything much to do or say and she was merely decorative in such potboilers as South of Pago Pago (1940) and International Squadron (1941). It wasn't much of a career and she left films in 1941 to marry Santa Barbara industrialist Douglas Wilhoit."

Olympe Bradna's bio courtesy of Allmovie

See the trailer for "Knockout" starring Anthony Quinn and Olympe Bradna at TCM

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