Local News:

Eleanor Davis - Elmore County was crowned Ms. Senior Alabama, she's lovely and with marabou shoulder feather’s she was a shoe-in. Jewel Hull was my favorite contestant representing everything that Southern Drag Queens aspire to be. Lynn Stallworth is really quite stunning and she looks 20 something, I bet her daughters hate her and have to beat their boyfriends off her with a stick. Such a great thing to be a beauty at 60 or 70 or 80, God knows how old these women are and I bet the winner gets a plastic surgery package as her prize.

Went for a canoe and camping trip a few weeks ago with my handsome trick Winfred Flowers and his buddy Charles Gates at Bluff Springs Lake. Things were going swimmingly when a drunken Charles decided to wash the stench off in the lake after a long nasty fisting session and never returned.

My feature in the Dallas socialite news, I love how Joan Crawford I look and it only took an army of beauticians to plaster together this image.

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  1. There is an air of menace about winfred which I'm slightly aroused by.