Dana Andrews said prunes:

Ever seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Ever listen to the theme song? Ever wonder what the lyrics mean when they say "Dana Andrews said Prunes...Gave him the runes? Well it's from the movie "Curse of the Demon" The rune is a piece of parchment that is slipped to Dana Andrews by the evil Dr. Julian Karswell, on it is written ancient text that conjures an evil demon intent on killing the person receiving the parchment. Now you know and you can watch the classic horror movie tonight on Turner Classic Movies at 11:45 PM CST. If any “classic” horror film deserves its reputation, it’s Curse of the Demon, and if you miss it then watch the trailer...

Mississippi boy Dana Andrews was so cool as detective Mark McPherson in the Otto Preminger film noir "Laura". The deeper he gets into the case, the more fascinated he becomes by the enigmatic recently murdered Laura literally falling in love with the dead girl's painted portrait. Dana Andrews bio at allmovie... Laura is played by the fabulous Gene Tierney her bio at allmovie... She has the best autobiography entitled "Self Portrait" where the very first paragraph has her standing on the ledge of her penthouse apartment about to jump. It details her sordid life of film stardom and insanity.

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