Died Today: August 18, 1998 - Persis Khambatta

"Persis Khambatta (October 2, 1950 – August 18, 1998) was an Indian model and actress of Parsi ethnicity and Zoroastrian religion. She was born in Bombay, India. At age 15, Khambatta became Miss India and participated in the 1965 Miss Universe pageant. She went on to a brief movie career that included the role for which she is most recognized: as "Lieutenant Ilia", in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, (1979)."

Lieutenant Ilia was navigator on the USS Enterprise during the V'Ger incident of the early 2270s. Ilia, a Deltan from the planet Delta IV, had been romantically involved with Willard Decker, who also later served aboard the Enterprise. Although Ilia was eliminated by a probe from the V'Ger entity, a mechanical near-duplicate of her was created by the probe in an attempt to communicate with the Enterprise's crew. In 1998, Khambatta was taken to the Marine Hospital in South Mumbai, India, complaining of chest pains. She died soon after of a heart attack. She was 47.

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