Today’s cautionary boi tale is the sad story of Naughty_Boi who ran away from home heading for the bright lights and porn fame that awaited him in Hollywood USA. The first door he knocked on was a magical experience and he was hired on the spot, chauffeured to location, coked-up, fluffed, and thrown into a pile. Sure he was tired and his honey hole hurt but he had a crisp fifty dollar bill in his hand and a starring role in the next production. Ten minutes later he was on the next set with six naked men standing around a revolving platform that he climbed upon and spun around from one stud to the next and six hours later another fifty bucks. The next set was dark and had big hairy slaves wearing hoods and leather with whips and paddles and our tired Naughty_Boi lay in a sling while each one plugged every hole he had at once, fucking and whipping him for hours and hours and hours, but he got another fifty. When done, Naughty_Boi took his money climbed into a box and shipped himself back home.

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