Better Homes Than Yours:

Today’s interiors are less than visionary or ambitious , replicating the same room over and over again for the client who would never live in a daring space. Opting for conformity, submissive lack of imaginative ideals, and that dreadful universal concept of keeping up with the Joneses. Who do you think the Joneses are keeping up with? Magazines rarely publish interiors unless they have that little something extra regularly citing, "It's just another pretty room." The past decade has seen a rehash of modernist principles returning to vogue with reinterpretations having merit, the Home Depot copycat contractors and do it yourself magazines have bled the movement into the mundane and if imitation is the goal then why not recreate some of the better modern spaces.


The vintage contemporary bachelor pad gets the royal treatment in this incredibly chic high rise apartment. The monolithic walls separate and terminate before reaching a nonexistent ceiling creating volume and the feeling of unlimited space. The use of spindly legged tables and chairs help to achieve a see-thru quality to occasional furnishings inviting a guest to have a seat and anchor them before these pieces float away into the black space above. A low slung boxy sofa is the only substantial upholstered feature to this spaceport lounge offering the seated visitor a starring role in the conversational cockpit. Strong use of black accents suggested in iron work, objet d'art, horizontal surfaces and the imposing lampshade add an extra punch of masculine drama. An alter-like slab fireplace has a background of tropical greenery and an inset trickling waterfall.

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