Secondhand Book Club:

Secondhand Book Club:
Book reports of secondhand books reported in a secondgrade fashion

Secondhand Book Title:
Truly Disgraceful

Biographies about famous people written posthumously are always to be suspected for lying, telling lies, making up lies, and spreading vicious lies. Lay witness to “Truly Disgraceful” a truly inspired book title retelling The Memoirs of a Hollywood/Monaconian Queen. Discover while reading the chapter titles the many reasons why Grace Kelly was Truly Disgraceful.


1: I was Born Really, Really Pretty Icy and Manipulative.
2: My Spineless Mother and Father, Adventures in Extortion.
3: How to Make Boys Sleep with You and do Exactly What You Want.
4: I Slept My Way to Hollywood.
5: Blackmailing, Back Stabbings and Scandal, or How I became a Star.
6: The Sizzling Succubus Screen Siren of Hollywood.
7: Sleeping and Seducing Royalty.
8: The Future Queen and Royal Wedding Tips.
9: Sovereignty/Idolatry, Successful Practices of “The Oppressive Over Lord”.
10: Sleeping around Your Kingdom and Producing Royal Heirs.
11: Raising Promiscuous Princesses Gracefully.
12: The Art of Royal Assassination, Political Plotting, and Intrigue.
13: Cliff Dwelling, Murder and Motoring at High Altitudes.

(Veracity of this book report is highly unlikely and any similarities to any actual book are purely happenstance. Apologies in advance for those who may find this distasteful and or offensive, it could have easily been a book about you. Don‘t wanna hear how the dead can‘t defend themselves...duh...because they‘re...uh... dead. I‘m actually a huge Grace Kelly fan.)

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