L'amour Toujour L'amour:

A little while back British Jon of Give'em the old Razzle Dazzle posted a centenary celebration of the late Dorothy Lamour. While reading the article I came across this photo of Dorothy, Bob and Bing from the On the Road series of films they made together.

It struck me that I had seen this picture before. Not exactly this picture but one very similar. One that after some remembering, belonged to me. I inherited a slew of celebrity autographed pictures a long time ago and in this lot were several photo's of Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour, including one of the three of them together for the On the Road films. This photo was obviously taken at the same time as the one above.

At the time that I read Jon's article, I commented that I had a similar picture and that I would scan it and share with you guys. I just found it today.


  1. How fabulous! Serendipity, indeed... Jx

  2. a New Orleanian she was....but then you probably already know that.

    1. Miss New Orleans 1931, indeed! Jx

  3. My granddad gave me a signed photograph of an film actress he met during the war and I'm certain it was of the lovely Dorothy Lamour I'll have a root around at my mother's house where I keep my old rubbish and let you know.

  4. Looks like the very same photo shoot to me. What a great find

  5. those were the best after school movies on tv when i was young! thanks sweetpea! xoxoxxo