Is bothering a universal thing? Or is it a personal thing? Do people bother you, are appointments a bother, could you rather not be bothered with it, please stop bothering me as I have a whole slew of other things that are bothering me right now.

Here are the things that are bothering me right now,

Marion Ward Chanler (1868–1883), died of a surfeit of Turkish Delight.

A surfeit?

I'm pretty sure that Turkish Delight only exists in C.S. Lewis’ mind and for that matter where does one obtain such a gluttonous, murderous supply of it? What is it anyway?

"A gel cube of starch and sugar dusted in cream of tartar icing, cinnamon flavor and soapwart as an emulsifying agent."

My childhood friend Shurn O’Mire , that’s not really her name but it sounded like that when her daddy yelled it out the back door. Shurn had a black light room with no windows and these luminescent lunar landscapes on the wall, black carpet and grey bean bag chairs. It was decadent.

On the opposite extreme of black light culture you find head shop posters,

And this…

She bothers me when I try to sleep. I can’t type the words for what she is or she’ll find me. And tell Jesus. Then Jesus will get mad at me. And I’ll be sent to her Catholic school where naughty things happen to me in her torture chamber.


  1. Oh! MJ's joined the convent... again! Isn't that lovely...

    1. Mistress MJ is bewitched, bothered AND bewildered.

  2. I'm having flashbacks due to the head shop posters. Not bothered, though.

  3. I get bothered up to 8 times a day with those bloody telepests callers. I adore Turkish Delight.