A Portrait:

I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in a while at a restaurant the other night. Later we wound up at her place for a glass of wine get together. She has that aura about her. The gay mens are magnetically pulled in her direction. Some women collect shoes, she collects gays. Her grandfather is from a little town in Arkansas that was very close to where my father grew up. So we immediately acknowledged the fact that we're cousins. In the hallway of her home is a large collection of framed black and white photographs showcasing the vaudeville act, “Lum & Abner”, (remember them?) of which her grandfather was, “Lum”. Photos with Clark Gable at Hollywood clubs, things like that.

Her home is filled with wonderful art kitsch and mid-century lamps and furniture collected back when nobody wanted it. The most striking piece in her home is her portrait. “I was working at this factory in New York and a tiny French woman was next to me and we started talking. Afterwards I followed her home to an apartment that was under the subway. Later she showed up with this portrait on top of a taxi. I’ve gotten her so much work since then.”


  1. Amazing! Looks like a sister of French writer Aurore Dudevant better known as Georges Sand.

  2. wow.wow.wow.

    i want my portrait done too!

  3. Hello Mr. Blue! I've noticed that you have stopped by on several occasions. Welcome. That's what is so wonderful about her portrait in that she makes for a period study. She and I were born in the same year and as Xer's we're sort of out of place. That's what I love most about the portrait. It's anachronistic.

    Norma - I know! I decided that I want my portrait done. For the first time it actually makes sense. I always thought of a portrait as vain and indulgent but now I can see my self in a powdered wig sort of way. And a less Joan Crawford sort of way.

    Cookie - I remember her telling me the name and others commenting that they would love to have a portrait painted similarly. The trick of this painting is the out of time placement. I imagine myself in a George Washington, Napoleon sort of fashion and period.

    I'm wanting to contact the artist for details but I was told that a substantial painting would run around a thousand dolla's.

    When I find out her name (again) I'll let you all know.

  4. I don't care!

    I want to be painted as a Fop! A Victorian Fop!

  5. I can feel the likability factor too.

    I'd like to be painted as Nell Gwyn carrying a basket of oranges, flashing my ankle to society men for tuppence.

  6. She looks like a fun chick.

  7. I want all of you to show me your portraits when they're finished.

  8. That's amazing I always loved that painting because everyone finds here so perfect but she has an atomically impossible arm!

    I have moved my brains to my new blog and it's finally presentable and am slooowly adding the blog roll but I gotchs'you!
    Xo rev