Last Christmas:

I gave you my work, the very next day you packed it away...

Remember last year when I was too busy to blog because I was decorating a friends place? Well what I didn’t share with you was that the joint was being staged rather than decorated. Yes, staged for a photo shoot and then a party.

Let me show you around,

Don’t be too picky as I’m only responsible for most of the work. If you like it, then I did it. If you don’t, then it was the work of the home owner.

The foyer, (foy-yay), as it’s pronounced in a proper Southern accent. This tree literally swallowed ornaments. The Hungry Christmas Bitch!

The upstairs Art Deco drawing room.

The front parlor, (paa-lah).

The Louis style commode in the dining room. Showcasing my latest invention, Instant Drapery. See what you do is…go to Home Depot and buy $6.00 drop cloths then clip’em, poof’em and zhoozh’em.

The glorious wreath I made from scratch. My girlfriend Heather said, “Oh no, no, no, You can’t cover up a mirror like that…all the girls will want to check themselves in it, you have to take it down!” Turns out it was the highlight of the Christmas party. If you stood to the left of the wreath and a cameraman stood to the right, then your face magically appeared inside the wreath. Next day it was everyone’s new Facebook picture. Heather said, “Woah, I misjudged that one.” See darling that’s why I’m the professional Kringle here…

The dining room table by Knoll in extinct Brazilian rosewood with extremely fussy Christmas table runner centerpiece, I call it, “Leftover Christmas Doo-Dad Jewelry on White Porcelain”.

Lindsey Mae the harlequin Great Dane lying on her throne.


  1. Is there room for me in that womb chair?

  2. I forgot to mention that it's BRILLIANT!

  3. Ahh, I see the Mistress is well versed in her Mid-Century furniture lingo. Her gays have served her well.

    And thank you. I still have scars from hot glue disasters.

  4. I didn’t post a picture of it but I did a tree in the powder room with the Gay Mermaid Men Ornaments that you favor.

  5. Yes, God bless the gays!!!

    And I'm about to faint that you did a tree with the mermen!

  6. Lindsey Mae is alive, right?

  7. I have to remember that drop cloth trick. I bow in your direction for fabulous taste and exquisite execution!

  8. You need a strong tree to pull off those December Diamonds Mermen. They are HEAVY.

  9. It's looks stunning Ayem8y, I can't find fault with it. I even like the dog pyjama case on the bed. It pleases me to see beveled edged mirrors, any other type of mirror are just common, unless of course it's a George III giltwood mirror from

    "The Louis style commode in the dining room."

    Excuse my ignorance but, isn't a commode something a disabled person shits on? I can't speak for you, but I for one would not tolerate a disabled person shitting on a commode whilst I was eating, it'll put me right off my nut roast.

  10. fabulous!
    Oh, and I need that dining room table stat.
    I plan to decimate the rainforest if need be.

  11. Drop cloths make fantastic bedspreads, too (but not in the same room as drop cloth curtains).

    What's NOT to like in this beautiful home? The holiday decor enhanced the lovely rooms. Good job!

  12. Not bad...not bad are my competition in gay holiday decorating...
    I want to see this years work.
    Bring it on.

  13. I love what you've done with the place.

  14. So's a perfect foil to my gold trees! Job well done.

  15. There's nothing else to say but Fabulous, Brilliant, Smashing, Classy amd GORGEOUS! I want it all (including the Dalmatian)