Acid Trip:

While I was out of the country in Alabama I visited a few stores and one in particular took my breath away. The window was dominated by panels of aluminum sheets with circular perforations. Each perforation held a colored glass marble. Another sheet on the other side bolted together held the marbles in place.

Stood upright and lighted from behind the overall effect was dazzling!

It was like being inside a Lite-Brite tripping on acid.

Like the other night when I went to this store tripping on acid and they had this window that was like being inside a Lite-Brite tripping on acid…


  1. That's Just Wild!!!

    Oh Hai Mr von LAx...

  2. Very cool....kind of like putting plastic cup designs in the chain link fence!

  3. "would timothy leary please come
    to the service desk, timothy leary."

  4. The windows of perception.

  5. It's very cool. Can you imagin what it weighs?

  6. Very very cool. Alabama, you say? Who knew?