I'm still undecided on my Halloween costume.

Should it be a haphazardly tattooed Wolfman?



Ninja Turtle?

Freddy Krueger?

Let's listen to some Friday the Thirteenth disco while you help me decide.


  1. I think Satan looks quite yummy!

    Failing that, dig an open grave in your front garden and lay in it, dressed as Elizabeth Taylor.

  2. Freddy Krueger has gum drop nipples. But with my luck once the sex started, he'd turn into the real Freddy Krueger...

  3. why not tape a couple of kitchen knives to the back of your hands and instead of Wolf man you could be Wolvirene.

  4. I am going to paint my skin green, dye my hair green, and wear my red sharkskin jacket a la Miami Vice....

    Then I will assume the attitude of envy with everything I say to and about anyone.

    It should be a hoot!

  5. I don't care as long as we get more photos of your ass.

  6. I vote Freddy...he's dreamy.

  7. @Mitzi – I love that idea. Of course I need a chicken bone to get stuck in my throat so I can choke on it and die in front of the wee trick or treaters.

    @Cookie – See reference to Jason below. Isn’t it ironic that Jason is named Jason…you know for Halloween purposes???

    @Princess – You mean something like THIS?

    @Wally – I wanna go to your party!

    @MJ – Greedy Girl! It’s just an ASS. Albeit a pretty and in demand ASS. I’ve told you my camera is on the blink. Maybe I could sit on Xerox machine for you.

    @Jason – Dreamy indeed. Isn’t that how Freddy kills everybody? In their Dreams?

  8. It is the ASS of ASSES!!!

  9. Is that Hugh Jackmeoffs arse?